Your multipass to investments

We are investment and development union implimenting  social and commercial projects in EU and involving investments
We cooperate with international Financial Funds, Trusts, Commercial Banks ect
We also elaborate some infrastructural projects


projects related to medicine & health


airports, sea ports, logistics, airlines


envirements projects

A full range of legal services necessary for
business issues and investment

- Opening an account in a bank in the name of a legal entity - Submitting a tax return- Preparing a bureaucracy
- Buying a ready-made legal entity and re-registering- Registration of a trademark


• Consulting and business development.
• Recommendations on the taxation of the company.
• Settlement of taxation.
• Preparation of a deed of registration of the company and registration in the state register.
• Preparation of agreements between founders.


• Preparation of contracts for the purchase
• Analysis valuation 
• Property transfer settlement 
• Contracts for the purchase of equipment



• Preparation of contracts with temporary employment agencies and recruitment agencies.
• Conclusion of employment contracts with employees, registration and regulation of social insurance of employees.
• Wages calculation


The outsourcing in the security area is the complete or partial transfer of functions and management of economic, legal, technical, informational and physical security system to the outer contractor within a certain period.


So let's see how it works


Legal Entity

You should provide a legal entity registered or purchased in the jurisdiction where it is planned to develop the project



Company identifications and project questionarry list


Preliminary memorandums 

Land property, permits, licenses, bank guarantee application


The Project

Project documentation must include: executive summary of the project, financial plan, SWOT, Feasibility Study, operational plan, description of the technology, a marketing strategy


Due diligence

Audit of existing assets, project’ due diligence


within a week

Legal Entity Compliance

You should provide KYC/CIS

within same week

Project pre-study

(project technical and operational audit)

two weeks

Bank Guarantee application

preparing a poackage of documents neccessary for financial guarantee aplication

one week

Audit of existing assets

assets study (fund, immobilities, corporate rights, operational assets ect). Click here to download compliance form

two weeks

Project’ due diligence

full financial due diligence

one day

Application for insurance

cooperation with insurance company to avoid project or financial risks

one week


cooperation with the creditor bank due to its readness to provide a loan or to start monetising process

one week


providing a financial instrument mt799/mt764

one week


final bank creditor document ready to cooperate with the bank guarantee

one day


Bank confirmation

within a week

Loan Agreement

preparing a loan agreement



swift mt103/202 - repaying to the applicant account

Accordion FAQ

Our role is to help with your project

We think it is. But decision is yours.

We have experience, we have contacts, we have abilities.

Right here using application forms

Lets start with KYC, JVA and legal documents.

Your main resourse is you business model, your project and your readness to do this World Better.

Our basic and already realized projects
you can make your first opinion about us:

We specialize and we have experience in the following fields of activity:

In addition to investment activities we have our own air projects, VIP air transport we are engaged in aircraft leasing, as well as regular air transport in direct cooperation with the international association of air transport IATA.

We are working quite intensively in Africa in the format of attracting investment for large investment projects: transport, logistics, minerals, food and medicine.

We also take an active part in environmental projects and innovations: carbon dioxide recycling, destroying deserts, developing new energy-saving technologies, developing new types of batteries, and recycling plastics.

  • Business Development in Africa - Africa is becoming a new center of the global economic growth. The continent presents large investment opportunities which, due to a well-targeted strategic approach can generate very important return on investment. The developed countries and especially emerging countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) which actively implement a strategy for Africa are on the right path.  The challenges new entrants face in terms of comprehension and strategic decision-making support can be the following:  The continent is extremely complex: 54 countries, about 2100 languages and huge local disparities; • The market data, statistics and estimations often are not available in many African countries; • The main international data bases deliver information about a few African markets but without the local presence their offer is not exhaustive.    
  • Wireless electricity transmission. Nanofluids (NanoAg/Au/Pt). Utilizing of atmospheric CO2 and CO2-emissions . THE MODULAR COMPLEX OF PLASMA ACOUSTIC-VORTEX FOR DEEP CLEANING AND DISINFECTION OF HOSPITAL, PHARMACEUTICAL AND CHEMICAL WASTEWATER TREATMENT. Thermally Expanded Graphite (TEG) based on nano adsorbents production directly or near the site of oil spills. Mobile equipment with microwave plasma reactor for efficient processing of polymer products of different composition. Universal system of disinfection and sterilization using plasma singlet oxygen generators.
  • Development and series production of industrial plants for production of synthetic liquid hydrocarbon fuels by means of plasma chemical low temperature hydrogenation of the gas-vapor mixture in the presence of small amount of accelerants using the atmospheric carbon dioxide as a raw material.

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